Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Our Plot!

We hit the jackpot with our allotment! At the end of our garden is a gate - through that gate is an allotment field and we had the opportunity to take on the one directly outside our garden.  Five years later and we're utterly hooked - I could never now imagine life without an allotment.

Hardwork? Of Course! But it's our down time - at the end of a stressful day we get straight out there and dig / weed or generally just potter about for hours on end.  Although summer time usually brings on the temptation to wander out there and just stare at everything contemplating what should be happening next, whilst taking one or two sips of wine.

Even five years ago it was relatively easy to come by a plot, but how different it is for people now.  The waiting list grows by the day and you can wait months or even years for something to come up.  All I would recommend is however long that list is, just get your name on it.  People's interest dwindles and councils are now pouncing on "fallow" plots and ensuring that if you don't use it, you lose it!  So you can end up going up the list much quicker than you'd think.  Also larger plots that come up are being divided into "micro plots" in order to scratch at the ever growing  list of those waiting to start digging.

However small your plot seems you will be amazed how much you can grow.

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